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Delabole Parish Council

Delabole War Memorial

Parish Council (Pre 10-05-2021) - Archive Year 2019

The new parish of Delabole and its council formally came into being on 1st April 2021. It was formerly part of St Teath Parish Council and the archive below relates to the period prior to the creation of the Parish of Delabole.

Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
08/01/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
12/02/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
14/03/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
02/04/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
09/05/2019Annual General Meeting  AgendaMinutes
09/05/2019Annual Parish Meeting  AgendaMinutes
04/06/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
02/07/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
03/09/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
01/10/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
05/11/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes
03/12/2019Monthly Meeting  AgendaMinutes

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